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Welcome to the Cyrillic demonstration download site. Demonstration versions of Cyrillic versions 2.1.3 and 3.0.400 can be requested by completing the following form.

We will then release a username and password to you together with information on how to download, install and use the software.

If you have already submitted this form, please use the full URL we sent to you in the reply e-mail in order to download your software. If you are still having difficulties, please contact us.

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Please note that while the demonstration CD and information pack remain free of charge, there is now a handling and shipping charge of $50.00. Payment is required in advance. Please fax a purchase order and credit card details (including number, valid from date, expiry date and billing address) to our office on +44 (0) 8702 417023.

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Cyrillic Demonstration Versions
The Cyrillic 2.1 demo has some key functions disabled:
  • You may draw families of 15 individuals or less (10,000 in full version).
  • You may print, but a demo banner will appear over the printout.
  • You can only open two windows at one time (10 in full version).
  • You may copy and paste, but only within Cyrillic (also to other Windows applications in full version).
  • You may not import, export or save files, but you can see what import and export formats are supported in the File menu.
For more details on Cyrillic 2.1.3, view the Cyrillic 2 Guided Tour
The Cyrillic 3 package is a 30 day full functionality demo. It is 15Mb in size, so we're sorry if it takes you a long time to download!

Please use WinZip or a similar piece of software to "Unzip" the contents of the demo zip file into an empty folder on your PC. Open the folder in Windows Explorer and double click on the Setup.exe folder to install the Cyrillic 3.0 demo. Once the demo has installed, you may, if you wish, delete the folder containing the setup files from your PC.

You may read more about Cyrillic 3 here.







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