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Cyrillic 3 Standard Version Cyrillic 3 Standard Version Go       Cyrillic 3 cover
Pedigree drawing with fully integrated risk analysis and support for industry standard databases (MS Access and Corel Paradox). You draw pedigrees and edit "live" data together on-screen, so pedigree drawing is virtually effortless! Designed for genetic counselors and others who work with patients. If you use genetic marker data you'll need Cyrillic 2.
Cyrillic 3 Research Version  Cyrillic 2.1 Go     Cyrillic 2 cover
This version of Cyrillic draws pedigrees, works with genetic marker data, lets you do haplotyping and allows exports to a range of linkage analysis packages.


The Cyrillic Version for You
The Cyrillic 3 Standard Version is designed for genetic counselors and clinicians who need a database and risk calculations, and no genetic marker data features or haplotyping.

Cyrillic 2 . For work with genetic marker data, haplotyping and for export to linkage analysis programs.




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